Wednesday 10 July 2013

LIMS boost for multi-sample registration

The Bulk Sample Registration capability of the Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) from Autoscribe has been designed to save time when registering large numbers of samples and/or multiple sample types. Details for different sample types can be presented on a single screen. This has additional benefits for contract laboratories which may need to carry out regular analyses of samples from many different disciplines such as food, pharmaceutical, medical etc.

Bulk Sample Registration offers a grid with spreadsheet-like data-entry functionality, including copy and paste and fill function for registering large numbers of samples. This provides great flexibility to accommodate a wide range of sample types. For example the system could be set up to accept, say, 10 similar samples followed by, say, 20 individual samples. A test or group of tests can be easily added to a particular Bulk Sample Registration sample row as many times as needed.

Data may also be prepared in Excel or other compatible spreadsheet and copy/pasted into the Bulk Sample Registration grid. Bulk Sample Registration allows entry of the sample data to be done in advance of the registration operation, and optionally saved as a template for future use. Templates are particularly useful for contract laboratories who have regular repeat batches of samples for analysis.

Data can be automatically registered from the grid using a single button. Before registration takes place, the system carries out a number of checks. These include checking the presence of data in each required column for each sample; that any batch code used is present in the database; that sample codes are assigned to sample rows, and many more.

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