Wednesday 10 July 2013

Industrial trailer control panel

Stadium IGT manufactures bespoke control and status panels for many diverse applications including; professional audio and broadcast equipment, industrial systems, safety and alarm panels, marine monitoring equipment, defence, agriculture and building services and automation.

A recent example of a rugged, industrial, custom HMI solution is a trailer control panel developed for the major British based vehicle trailer and bodywork manufacturer DON-BUR. DON-BUR are recognised as the market champions for the design and manufacture of a wide range of commercial vehicle trailers and rigid bodywork and offer innovative development of bespoke and aerodynamic, fuel-saving transport solutions. DON-BUR equip their trailers with a loading deck HMI control system which provides users with a simple to use and safe operating system.

Terry Moss, Sales and Marketing Director of Stadium IGT, explains, “DON-BUR wanted to improve upon their existing trailer control switch panel design. The switches and indicators used for controlling the loading deck are required to operate in a hostile outdoor environment. Stadium IGT was asked to find a solution that would not only meet their tough sealing requirements but also to reduce the cost of the panel.”

Stadium IGT’s design team created a waterproof membrane switch panel to replace the existing conventional switches. Integrating all of the required control functions into a single assembly not only offers cost saving but also streamlines assembly and simplifies operation. To ensure full protection against moisture and ingress of debris the panel is also sealed from the rear by use of an acrylic overlay. In addition to deck control, interior light operation and audible alarm mute functions the new specification called for a number of operator safety features and now includes a number of LED safety system indicators and a conventional ‘emergency stop’ push-button switch.

Moss continues, “DON-BUR previously had to purchase a number of different components from a number of suppliers to build this control panel. Our new design allows DON-BUR to incorporate a number of new safety features into the control panel and demonstrates how Stadium IGT can integrate a range of different technologies into a single Man-Machine-Interface. Our ability to provide a single, multi-function custom assembly means DON-BUR now only needs to order just one part number from one supplier to receive a fully tested plug-in panel that not only meets their control and environmental requirements but which has also reduced their component spend”.

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