Thursday 11 July 2013

Liquid hydrocarbon flow computer strengthens capability.

File format provides new capabilities to enable users to accurately measure flow, improve productivity, reduce costs and increase measurement data security with better insight to their operation

Emerson Process Management and Flow-Cal Inc., have announced that Flow-Cal’s liquids CFX file format is now generated in the Emerson ROC800L flow computer. This added capability within Emerson’s flow computer creates a seamless interface from the field to Flow-Cal’s Enterprise Liquids measurement system. Users of Emerson’s flow computer have the ability to rapidly deploy this solution, improve productivity, reduce cost and increase measurement data security with better insight to their operations.

Emerson's ROC800L flow computer
The version 7 CFX file format allows for the import of liquid data into the FLOWCAL measurement application which automates the complex process of batch and ticket processing. Data generated from the CFX file includes flow information, CTL and CPL, meter configuration, and analysis. The Flow-Cal CFX file format is a secure, binary format which retains data integrity by ensuring the measurement data cannot be changed or manipulated. Generating the file format within the Emerson flow computer offers an additional level of data security.

"The CFX export created by the ROC800L meets all the requirements of Flow-Cal’s latest format for liquid measurement," states Michael Squyres, president of Flow-Cal, Inc. "This simplifies the process of an operator using Flow-Cal’s industry leading application to validate, edit and report the data provided by the ROC800L. Working together, Flow-Cal and Emerson offer another seamless solution to address the latest needs of our evolving industry."

The ROC800L covers a wide variety of applications for liquid handling across a full range of liquid hydrocarbons, including crude oil, refined products, special application products, lubricating oils, and light hydrocarbons. The ROC800L leverages the easy-to-use architecture of the ROC series, offering fill in the blank configuration that brings users online faster.

"The recent modifications to the ROC800L have been in response to the demands of the growing liquids market," says Craig Llewellyn, president, Emerson Process Management, Remote Automation Solutions. "Generating the CFX file will improve operations by offering a new level of data security and seamless integration for our clients."

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