Tuesday 9 July 2013

New portable pressure calibrator!

The new Yokogawa CA700 Portable Pressure Calibrator is equipped with a silicon resonant sensor that uses Yokogawa proprietary DPHARP technology. The CA700 can measure pressures with an accuracy that is within ±0.01% of rdg*, making it one of the most accurate portable pressure calibrators on the market. This highly accurate portable pressure calibrator features a variety of functions that includes a wide selection of measuring ranges, as found/as left data storage, and memory capacity to store calibration procedures. The Yokogawa CA700 provides an accurate and efficient calibration and verification tool for pressure/differential pressure transmitters and other types of field devices for commissioning or regular inspection.

“As the result of a growing awareness of the need for safety and stability in plant operations, increased attention is being paid to the maintenance and inspection of field devices,” says Chris Costlow, Yokogawa’s Sales and Marketing Manager of Meters & Instruments for North America. “There is a strong need for portable pressure calibrators, like the CA700, that operate efficiently and perform to a high standard.”

Product Features
1. Best-in-class accuracy
The calibration of high-precision field devices requires calibrators that deliver greater accuracy and high performance. The CA700 can measure pressures with an accuracy that is within ±0.01% of rdg*, making it one of the most accurate portable calibrators on the market. It can also output and measure current and voltage within ±0.015% of rdg. The CA700 is the only pressure calibrator in its price range that can generate and measure both current and voltage.

2. Functions that improve calibration efficiency
For more stable and efficient calibration, the CA700 is able to store the calibration procedures for pressure transmitters and switches in its internal memory. It also records data and error rates before and after calibration. The stored data can be used for purposes such as analysis of device performance and determination of maintenance frequency, thus improving device maintenance.

3. Wide measurement range
The CA700 comes in three models with a wide variety of measurement ranges. Users can thus choose the model with the desired measurement range, eliminating the need for the purchase of multiple calibrators.

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