Tuesday 23 July 2013

New funtionality for 3D sensors

New functionality for Gocator 3D distance and profile sensor ranges

New functionality can be added to the Gocator 1 and 2 series of self-contained 3D sensors from Stemmer Imaging. Gocator Firmware Release 3.5, now available for download, brings performance improvements for both the Gocator 1 displacement sensors and the Gocator 2 profile sensors.

Version 3.5 includes a new Strip Measurement Tool (for Gocator 2), ASCII Protocol Support for greater connectivity to PLCs, robot controllers and scripting programs, and a new dynamic 3D point cloud viewer with pan, orbit and zoom control.

The strip measurement tool measures the geometry of raised strips on a flat surface. The tool can compensate for tilt and noise on the surface. This is well suited for inspecting small scale edge features on surfaces such as rubber or metal sheets. Limits can be set to establish pass and fail conditions for inspection decisions.

A flexible ASCII protocol on both Ethernet and Serial outputs means that users can control the sensor and evaluate measurement results using terminal applications (e.g. telnet) without any programming effort. The format of the ASCII protocol is customisable and can be configured to talk directly to a wide variety of PLCs, robot controllers and scripting programs.

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