Tuesday 30 July 2013

Expanded service capability to meet critical customer needs!

Smart project and support service connections bridge critical gaps in customer resources

Emerson Process Management has added more than 4000 service personnel since 2005 and plans to increase its global service staff at approximately twice the industry growth rate for the next four years. The rapid growth is part of a strategic expansion of project and support services to meet customers’ growing needs.

Today’s economics require that most process manufacturers have only the staff necessary to maintain efficient operations. This leads to a "capabilities gap" when substantial new capital investments are undertaken or when maintenance requirements spike, as during a plant turnaround. Emerson’s expanded service capabilities help customers meet the challenges of both situations.
Slide shared at Emerson European Press Event in June 2013
"The number of large automation projects for which we’ve been chosen – increasingly as Main Automation Contractor – has dramatically increased in the past two years," explained Steve Sonnenberg, President of Emerson Process Management. "Many of these projects are in emerging markets, often focused on meeting critical infrastructure needs or developing natural resources. Not only do they require large amounts of engineering effort for design, commissioning and start-up, but once they’re up and running they need prompt, dependable support services to stay at peak efficiency."

Process manufacturers also realise that achieving best-in-class operations often requires adopting new technology, but they are not necessarily staffed to implement major technology initiatives. Emerson can also help them bridge this gap by providing contract personnel to do initial set-up of new technology approaches and assist with on-going support programmes.

"We are very pleased that our customers are opting to meet their project and service needs by partnering with Emerson Process Management," said Sonnenberg. "It’s our goal to address the gaps in our customers’ in-house capabilities with our quality services. The aggressive investment programme we’ve put in place will help us meet those needs."

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