Friday 5 April 2013

XY monitoring

The latest version of the Kistler XY monitoring system, the maXYmos TL, has increased capability with up to 8 XY channels and compatibility with a wide range of sensor types and communication protocols making it ideal for a variety of demanding process monitoring and product testing applications.

The maXYmos TL, TL standing for “Top Level”, may be used for the same simple force-displacement monitoring as the basic version but the extended functionality makes more challenging assembly and product testing applications well within its capability. The extensive functionality and straightforward operating concept using an intelligent touch screen menu system have been proved on the maXYmos BL. Key features of this high end XY monitor are more powerful evaluation techniques, a larger selection of connectable sensors, wide range of fieldbus types, expandability up to 8 pairs of XY-channels and a large (10.4"), high-resolution, colour touch screen display.

The fast data acquisition rate of 20kHz and cycle times down to 0.05 second, compatibility with a wide range of force, torque, pressure, position and angle sensors and communication with a number of different PLC types using Profibus DP, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET & EtherCAT connectivity provides the speed and flexibility demanded by current production methods and test regimes. The system can accept signal input from a wide selection of sources including strain gauge, piezoelectric and potentiometer sensors, +/-10V, LVDT, incremental and SSI encoders. The system analyses the relationship between any two inputs or one input against time and can be expanded to monitor up to eight XY pairs using one master display.

Data curves consisting of up to 8,000 value pairs for each cycle can be stored on a shared folder on a server or on a local USB memory in csv, xml or pdf file formats with either all or only NOK curves being selected. The maXYmos TL can detect tool breakage using gradient monitoring and responds in real time. The short evaluation time allows monitoring of up to 20 parts/second, and both X- and Y-thresholds can generate switching signals for control purposes in real time. The built-in memory can store up to 128 measurement programs each with 10 evaluation objects ensuring flexibility in terms of evaluation criteria and variety of parts. A curve memory for NOK diagnosis provides access to the last 500 curves for analysis using a filter and bundle function.

The maXYmos TL is designed to support all common mounting configurations such as desktop, wall and front panel mounting. The flexible case concept gives the machine designer plenty of options.

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