Tuesday 23 April 2013

Enclosed in-line measurement for moisture

While NIR is widely used for measuring products transported on open conveyor belts, NDC Infrared Engineering’s improved PowderVision sampling system allows moisture to be measured in powders, granules and flakes flowing in enclosed ducts or gravity fed conveying systems. PowderVision can be used with a wide range of industrial powders, including chemicals, minerals, detergents and ceramics.

Designed to work with an NDC 710e NIR Moisture or Multi-component Gauge, PowderVision collects samples every few seconds, with measurement values output via digital or analogue connectivity to a PLC or SCADA system for process control.

PowderVision consists of a tube-mounted sampling cup made from 316 stainless steel which slides into a collar that is permanently welded into the appropriate duct in the process. PowderVision is optically coupled to the 710e NIR gauge via a sapphire window. The cup collects sample as it flows through the duct, allowing moisture and other measurements to be made simultaneously. When the measurement is complete, the cup is emptied using a powerful jet of compressed air and the next sampling sequence begins.

Making continual on-line moisture measurements eliminates the need to send samples away for laboratory measurement and allows drying processes to be controlled automatically, helping users to achieve consistent product quality, as well as creating opportunity for increased product yield and reduced fossil fuel consumption through process optimisation.

User-configurable software in the 710e HMI provides control of the PowderVision’s sampling timing sequences according to the required sample collection rate, and the Gauge’s measurements are automatically synchronised with the filling and emptying cycle. The gauge reading is then held until the sampling process has been repeated.

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