Friday 19 April 2013

Climate control

Climate control applications vary in many different ways, from control to air routing. Rittal offer a range of accessories that may be tailored to satisfy specific requirements.

Energy-saving philosophy that has resulted in many motors being controlled by inverter drives may also be applied to Rittal’s fan-and-filter unit; a speed control device may be used to vary the fan speed in response to the cooling demand, ultimately switching the fan off when not required.

Ingress protection of Rittal’s fan-and-filter unit may be improved by installing an additional fine filter mat or an IP56 hose-proof hood fitted with the same blue sealing material that is used in Rittal’s Hygienic Design enclosures, a proven success, particularly in the food and beverage industry.

To direct cooled air towards the bottom of an enclosure, Rittal’s air diverter may be used, or an internal fan may be fitted to optimise air distribution, as natural convection currents and the flow of air through wall-mounted cooling products will pull it upwards immediately upon entry.

Rittal’s roof-mounted cooling products have multiple supply air spigots to offer a great degree of flexibility when air distribution is being considered. Rittal’s air duct systems, duct extensions, angled deflectors and stoppers provide the ability to target those areas in the enclosure in which cooled air is required. This particular range of accessories has recently been extended to include an adaptor that allows the shallow air duct system to be used with Rittal’s smallest roof-mounted cooling units.

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