Wednesday 17 April 2013

OPC UA for SCADA system!

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has released the OPC Unified Architecture (UA) client for the company’s FAST/TOOLS version R9.05 Web-based SCADA system.

The Unified Architecture is the next generation OPC standard that provides a cohesive, secure and reliable cross-platform framework for access to real-time and historical data and events. Yokogawa’s FAST/TOOLS OPC UA Client is the first SCADA software which meets the requirements of the OPC Certification programme in terms of interoperability and robust performance.

OPC relates to Open Productivity & Connectivity in industry - and especially automation of the enterprise systems that support industry. Interoperability is assured through the creation and maintenance of open standards specifications such as OPC, and there are currently seven standards specifications completed or in development.

Using fundamental standards and technology from the general computing market, the OPC Foundation adapts and creates specifications that fulfil industry-specific needs. OPC will continue to create new standards as needs arise and to adapt existing standards to utilise new technology.

OPC UA Certification will become a requirement for all OPC UA Servers and OPC UA Clients. By making certification mandatory, the overall quality and experience of OPC UA based products will be much more satisfactory, with significant cost savings for systems integrators and end-users who use them.

Nobuaki Konishi, Vice President and head of Yokogawa's IA Control Systems Business Headquarters, comments: “Yokogawa is a market leader in the process automation industry with leading-edge products and services, and OPC UA is a major step forward in this sector.”

“Yokogawa is the first industrial automation SCADA vendor to release an OPC UA client certified to meet the latest OPC UA standard”, he added: “This is a major opportunity to reinforce our proven expertise to the industry and our goal of providing the highest quality of products and services for sustainable solutions to the industrial automation sector. The FAST/TOOLS web-based real-time management and visualisation software brings revolutionary changes to real-time process information intelligence.”

Main target markets and applications for the OPC UA client for FAST/TOOLS include process monitoring and asset management in industries such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, power, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, food, iron & steel, and water and wastewater treatment.

Since 1978, Yokogawa has sold more than 10,000 FAST/TOOLS packages worldwide for use in all types of SCADA and process management projects. Yokogawa continually endeavours to meet its customers’ needs by providing highly reliable enhancements to this product based on leading-edge technology.

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