Saturday 20 April 2013

Intelligent fuel delivery!

The NI Direct Injector Driver System provides the power stage for off-the-shelf ECUs to control high-powered direct injectors (DIs).

National Instruments has announced their Direct Injector Driver System, a full solution for engine control that are delivered to the customer ready to use. Digital command signals from an ECU are read on an NI 9411 digital input module and interpreted in a software application loaded on an NI CompactRIO controller. These digital commands are then used to schedule output signals from Drivven DI Driver modules to direct injectors.

NI DI Driver Systems come in 3-, 6-, 9- and 12-channel versions (2, 4, 6 and 8 channels, respectively, when used with piezoelectric DIs). System accessories include NI 9215 and Drivven Port Fuel Injector Driver modules so engineers can add rail fuel pressure control, synchronous pump control, analogue input measurements and more.

“The NI Direct Injector Driver System has saved us thousands of dollars in development costs as a piezoelectric injector control system for our V8 diesel research engine,” said Aakash Puntambekar, Senior Engineer for Combustion System Development at Navistar. “It is flexible, robust, accurate and consistent among all cylinders.”

Dr. Daniel Singleton, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California, added, “The product value of NI’s engine control and test products is greatly enhanced by terrific customer support. With the help of NI engineers, we rapidly and efficiently implemented the NI DI Driver System for our diesel research.”

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