Tuesday 16 April 2013

Control & Status panels

Stadium IGT provides bespoke control and status panels for many diverse applications including; professional audio and broadcast equipment, industrial systems, safety and alarm panels, marine monitoring equipment, agriculture and building services and automation

Panels may be simple illuminated displays or more complex ideograms to graphically indicate system status and incorporate capacitive switches and slider controls, joysticks, tracker balls and displays. Panels can be water and vandal resistant and can be operated through front panel thicknesses of up to 13mm thick glass.

System designers will appreciate the very low profile and even illumination of control and status panels from Stadium IGT. These are direct benefits of the use of their patented “Thin-Film” LED backlighting technology which also offers colour changing LEDs, “secret until lit” signs and high impact product branding options. Operating from a 12volt supply removes any high voltage requirement that alternative video monitor based systems may require and allows the use of an N+1 redundant power source for safety critical installations.

Stadium IGT’s Sales and Marketing Director, Terry Moss, says “Control and system status panels are at the heart of many broadcast, safety and industrial monitoring systems and need to be simple to use and easily understood. Our long experience of HMI technologies coupled with our unique “thin-film” backlighting allows us to offer our customers a no-compromise display and control solution for almost any application.”

Stadium IGT has been at the forefront of Man Machine Interface technology for more than twenty years and has been responsible for many technological innovations now in common use. These include numerous backlighting techniques, integral RFI screening and most recently the development of capacitive switching systems, both touch screen based and single press control panels with optional back-lighting. Stadium IGT products are widely used in rail, marine, aviation, industrial and medical markets.

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