Monday 29 April 2013

Website eases access to display & component technical content

Product information cross referenced by application and supplier

Ginsbury has announced the launch of their new website. The new site has been designed to provide the end user with ease of access to technical data and product information. A simple, user-friendly navigation structure has been implemented and a new look complements the refreshed online portal.

Ginsbury specialises in the supply of high quality 
display components, monitors, digital signage
 and power components to commercial, industrial
 & retail markets throughout Europe
Site navigation is aided with product and application images that enable users to find supplier information and product data quickly thanks to an uncomplicated menu architecture. Content on the new site includes revised and updated product pages containing information for new and existing products and applications.

John Halton, Director, Ginsbury said, "One of our main goals was to create a website that provides a user-friendly experience and ease of navigation. Displays provide a visual indication of information and data. We wanted to employ a similar philosophy with the new website design. Every picture tells a story, hence the use of picture-based product and application menus and a minimal number of pages to drill through."

Ginsbury is hoping the new website will provide another tool for strengthening business relations and is asking online visitors to sign up for its Newsletter which will include the latest product news and corporate announcements from key suppliers and principals.

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