Saturday 20 April 2013

Excel as a data logger!

Windmill Software has announced new software for easy data logging and control with Excel. Called Windmill Real Time Data, it lets an Excel spreadsheet collect readings from sensors and instruments over USB, Internet, Ethernet, Modbus, RS-485, RS-422, RS-232 and TCP-IP. It also enables users to control devices and output channels from Excel.

The software allows Excel to act when data readings cross an alarm threshold: automatically switching equipment on for example.

Users can choose how often to read data from devices and how often to update the data in Excel. Being able to set differing rates for reading and updating data is useful, for example, for showing average readings over time. All readings are timestamped, with the time each reading was taken being recorded in an adjacent column.

The Windmill Real Time Data software makes data collection with Excel both easy and robust. Once the software is installed, users simply enter a formula in a cell - or a line in a macro - and Excel turns into a data logger.

The software runs under Windows 8 and earlier versions of Windows. It is available for just 117 Euro, or 58 Euro for existing users of Windmill. The price includes free technical support for life.

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