Tuesday 30 April 2013

ProfiNET enabled I/O Solutions

New PROFINET I/O Scanners for PACSystems RX3i, PAC8000, VersaMax IP round out I/O offering

GE Intelligent Platforms has extended its commitment to high-performance solutions in today’s connected world with the release of the PACSystems RX3i, PAC8000 and VersaMax IP Scanners for the PROFINET industrial networking platform. PROFINET connectivity ensures fast, easy-to-configure connectivity to GE’s PACSystems RXi and RX3i controllers and extensive range of I/O options, enabling scalable machine automation and highly distributed modular machine designs.
PAC8000 I/O PROFINET Scanner allows rugged I/O 
to be used in extreme temperature & corrosive 

Every level of a GE Intelligent Platforms’ control system from PROFINET networked I/O modules to the cloud-based automation development platform – is built to connect and collaborate. The new PACSystems RX3i I/O PROFINET Scanner enables GE’s most advanced I/O to be used easily and efficiently as a distributed intelligent node. Combined with the PACSystems RX3i controller, it makes a high performance, powerful, singular form factor for the most demanding applications. The PAC8000 I/O PROFINET Scanner allows rugged I/O to be used in extreme temperature and corrosive environments. And, the VersaMax IP is IP67-rated, so it can be bolted right to the equipment it controls.

GE’s PROFINET-enabled high performance automation platform combines PACSystems controllers with PROFINET I/O, to allow infrastructure OEMs up to a 25% reduction in their implementation footprint as multiple media types and Ethernet switches are integrated directly into the scanners. Setup is fast with easy-to-use name-based configuration over the network or with a standard memory card. OEMs can maximize their customers’ uptime by simply adding one extra cable to create instant network redundancy. Speeds up to 1Gigabit are available without reducing the bandwidth other networks types might experience.

“PROFINET is the standard for industrial networking in automation,” said Steve Pavlosky, Product General Manager, Control & Communications Systems Platforms for GE Intelligent Platforms. “Because we use PROFINET, we build on a high speed, high bandwidth network to enable better access to real time plant floor data by taking the worry out of volume, latency, and frequency of information flow. This delivers a high performance automation solution for today’s, and tomorrow’s, connected world.

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