Thursday 25 April 2013

Software supports full performance of Windows 8

zenon 7.10, COPA-DATA's new automation software version is compatible with Windows 8 as of release and supports the complete performance of the new Microsoft operating system.

With the successfully completed compatibility tests, Microsoft has confirmed that zenon 7.10 can smoothly run under Windows 8 and fully meets all quality and security requirements of the operating system. The zenon 7.10 setup has been adapted for use with the new Windows 8 Desktop user interface, enabling users to run zenon directly by way of various tiles (style icons).

Reinhard Mayr, Product Manager at COPA-DATA, explains: "Being a Gold Application Development Partner, we have been able to profit from the strategic partnership with Microsoft for many years now. The confirmed compatibility of zenon 7.10 with Windows 8 once again underlines our continued technological leadership in the industrial automation software market. The new certification signalizes security, reliability and sustainable investment protection for our customers and partners."

To exploit the full performance of zenon under Windows 8, COPA-DATA recommends its customers to use the new version, zenon 7.10, only.

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