Thursday 25 April 2013

Exclusive reseller in Japan

Quantum Composers announced today that Opto Science Inc, a top reseller of laser and pulse generator technology, will take over as the new exclusive reseller in Japan.

 Quantum's Saphire pulse generator
Opto Science has been representing Quantum Composers products since 2005 and has been recognised several times for their excellence in customer service and support. The company itself has been in business for over 25 years, providing products and services to a wide range of customers from their headquarters in Tokyo. They specialize in the sale of laser instruments, such as CO2, Excimer and YAG Lasers, optical supplies and of course test & measurement instruments such as pulse generators.

Sales and Marketing Director for Quantum Composers, Mr. Will Bomar says “Making Opto Science an exclusive reseller was an easy decision. They have shown through their dedication and expertise that the title is well deserved.” The announcement itself came just before one of the largest Asian tradeshows of the year, LASER EXPO (OPIE 2013) in Yokohama. Opto Science is making their exclusive debut and will be showing several Quantum Composers products at their booth.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Opto Science provides laser systems (laser source, instrumentation systems, sensors, optical materials optical components, peripherals, optical components, vacuum) optical communications (optical components, measuring instruments / fiber processing equipment, accessories) and associated Raman Biotechnology such as unit production and sale systems to foreign skilled Optoelectronics (custom design).

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