Friday 5 April 2013

75 Watt DC/DC converter

Calex Mfg. Co has announced added two models to their 75 Watt WDE Series. Both housed in an industry standard 1/8 brick package (2.45" x 1.05" x 0.55"H), the 24S5.15WDE features a wide 9 to 36 V DC input range with a 5 volt output at 15 amps. The 24S12.6WDE features the same 9 to 36 V DC input range and provides a 12 volt output at 6 amps. Both models are fully regulated and isolated input to output.

The 24S5.15WDE and 24S12.6WDE expand the Calex WDE offering which previously consisted of 24, 28 and 48 volt ouput models with either a 9 to 36 V DC or 18 to 75 V DC input range.

In addition to the basic 1/8 brick analog functions, ie. Sense, Trim and ON/OFF, all WDE models feature a PMBus interface to allow monitoring, data logging and remote customization of the DC/DC converters. An evaluation board is available from Calex for bench testing, communication and configuration. These features make the unit an ideal solution for critical applications where monitoring and/or data logging can assist in system evaluation, monitoring and trouble shooting. Some of the key digital power management features include:

- Precision, adjustable over-temperature protection
- Configurable current-limit inception and shut-down delay
- Logging of historical fault events in non-volatile memory
- Monitoring of Vin, Vout and temperature
- Digital dynamic adjustment of Vout
- Digital warning thresholds for faults

All WDE models are housed in a fully encapsulated cast case making them ideal for still air environments. The operating temperature range of the WDE is -55 to +100 °C.

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