Saturday 20 April 2013

Highest density PXI matrix solutions

Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of 2A matrices with the highest density solutions available in PXI. The new solutions increase the density of electro-mechanical relay matrices by up to 75% compared to their previous products and more than twice the density of competitor’s products.

The 40-575, 40-576, 40-577, 40-578 and 40-579 are all single slot 1 pole matrices with 2A current rating, up to 60W hot switch power and 150VDC/100VAC voltage rating. Each model sets new standards in the achievable density of PXI matrices with matrix sizes of 84x4, 64x6, 50x8, 36x12 and 28x16 (448 matrix crosspoints). For the first time matrix sizes have been introduced at Y sizes of 6 and 12 to compliment the usual 4, 8 and 16 sizes, giving users further choice of Y axis size and maximising the X axis size for each configuration.

The switching matrices can be easily expanded by linking the Y axis connections together to create matrices with a larger configuration across more than one PXI slot. User connections are provided by industry standard 160pin DIN41612 (40-575), 78 way D (40-576 and 40-577) and 50 way D type connectors (40-578 and 40-579) and are supported by the comprehensive range of connection solutions available from Pickering Interfaces.

A range of half density solutions is also being introduced to suit cost sensitive applications that require matrices of smaller size. The 40-505, 40-506, 40-507, 40-508 and 40-509 have the same Y axis size as 40-575 series but with half the X axis size.

The product range uses high quality electro-mechanical relays to achieve their 2A switch rating.

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