Tuesday 30 April 2013

Cooling systems

Rittal has launched its range of DX based LCP cooling systems. Rated at 12kW, the Liquid Cooling Package Direct Expansion (LCP DX) can be deployed in either cold aisle containment or high density rack cooling. The LCP Rack DX is mounted on the side of the rack, to form a closed system in either the rack or the cold/hot aisle containment pod.

Warm server air is drawn in directly from the rear of the rack and cooled air is blown back in front of the 19" equipment level from the side, over the whole height of the enclosure. Rittal’s LCP DX has four EC fans for maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption. Flow characteristics of the heat exchanger are optimised for the lowest possible pressure losses on the air side, this minimises the energy consumption of the fans.

Maintenance and service for all relevant components can be achieved quickly and simply due to the optimised layout. Rittal’s fans can be exchanged quickly and at any time, even while the system is operational (hot swapping). In addition the fans are installed in the cold air section, which increases their service life.

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