Monday 8 April 2013

Cost efficiency – Make energy waste visible!

Fluke Preventive Maintenance platform packed with advice on Cost Efficiency

The Fluke Preventive Maintenance platform is packed with advice on how to save plant running costs. The Cost Efficiency section highlights how to minimise unplanned downtime, how to calculate losses through poor power quality, and how to minimise energy waste. From power quality analysers to process calibrators, handheld oscilloscopes, wireless test tools and thermal imagers, Fluke rugged tools provide the information to help cut plant energy costs and minimise downtime and production stops. Return on Investment Calculators for a range of products help the decision making process.
Cost Efficiency on Fluke's Preventive 
Maintenance Platform

Aimed primarily at industry service and maintenance engineers, process industry engineers, power quality engineers and industrial consultants, the preventive maintenance platform will help grow expertise for best practice in maximising uptime, saving costs and optimising processes.

Preventive maintenance avoids equipment problems before they occur, cutting repair costs and limiting unplanned downtime. It also reduces energy waste, to help ensure that buildings and equipment work at peak efficiencies at all times, at the same time reducing the environmental footprint.

Poor power quality leads to energy loss, and wasted money. It has always been hard to calculate how much, but, with their 430 Series II three-phase Power Quality Analysers, users are able to calculate the cost of energy loss due to inefficient electrical systems in the local currency.

Fluke thermal imagers, designed for plant maintenance and troubleshooting technicians and electricians who need to maintain and inspect electrical and mechanical equipment and components, can spot overheating in motors, for example, as well as poor insulation in walls, doors, windows and roofs. These issues can also indicate process and building problems, like motor wear and damp in building fabric, before they cause even more expensive damage.

Support is provided by a range of media available on the platform. ROI Calculators; Application Notes and Case Studies of best practices which can be downloaded; video testimonials showing the benefits from customers’ successful application of these products can be viewed online; online virtual product demonstrations show the capabilities of the tools; applicable Fluke tools are listed, with click-throughs for more detail on each product; and to ensure that these tools are used to their full potential, classroom seminars, online webinars and training are all available to members of the Fluke Academy, which is free to join via the web site.

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