Tuesday 23 April 2013

Protection on display

Rittal was one of the largest exhibitors at this years CeBIT Exhibition (the world's largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions for home and work environments) recently held in Hannover, Germany.

During a visit to the stand by the German and Polish premiers, Rittal took the opportunity to demonstrate some of the countless new Rittal products on display. These included RiMatrixS, the world’s first standardised data centre and the Modular Safe Level E that delivers robust protection of business-critical data against physical damage caused by fire, water, smoke or unauthorised access. In addition, Rittal also showcased the new LCP DX (Liquid Cooling Package Direct Expansion) for reliable data centre cooling: It fits perfectly into environments where only small and medium-sized IT installations need to be cooled.

Particularly impressive was Rittal’s latest innovation RiMatrixS. Until recently each data centre was a one-off custom-built model and the entire process, from initial consultation to planning construction and integration of individual components, could take several months. RiMatrix S cuts this timeframe down to six weeks.

Now modular, the new data centre has a single model number, is fully pre-assembled and planned right down to the last detail including financial considerations. Rittal provides precise figures for energy efficiency, providing visibility into future operating costs.

Visitors to the Rittal website can use the Selector to gain an initial overview of the RiMatrixS data centre and can calculate energy efficiency by entering just a few key pieces of information.

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