Thursday 2 August 2012

WiFi dataloggers

The new iDAQ range of Wi-Fi enabled dataloggers, from Auden Electronics are shortly to be featured in the 2012 IET Innovation Awards. The iDAQ range comprises Voltage input, 4-20mA input, PT100 thermometer input and a combination voltage and pulse counter input units in both 4 and 8 channel versions.

The range offers high resolution, high accuracy readings and are compatible with a wide range of analogue and digital sensors. iDAQ units have Wi-Fi connectivity and incorporate a built-in web-server so no PC application software is required. Readings can be viewed in real time in tabular or chart recorder format using any tablet, PC or mobile device via a web browser. Readings can also be logged in the internal 256kb memory for download at a later date. Log rates from once every 5 seconds to every 24 hours can be set.

iDAQ can also be configured to issue email alert messages on alarm; for example, an alert could be issued if a water pipe temperature falls below a critical set-point (i.e. to prevent burst pipes etc). Another use for this alert feature is to monitor window and door contacts; an alert could be issued if they open.

The USB2.0 interface allows the user to write their own applications to control the unit or to take measurements. It also allows them to configure the unit using any third party terminal software

Application areas include:
• Smart metering (electricity, gas and water)
• Eco-home monitoring (central heating, humidity control, PV output, etc)
• Environmental monitoring
• Weather stations (iDAQ can provide live and historical weather trends)
• Industrial temperature monitoring (supports platinum resistance temperature sensors)

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