Tuesday 14 August 2012

Static grounding reels

A range of ATEX certified retractable static grounding reels that prevent the discharge of incendive electrostatic sparks within combustible flammable and dust atmospheres has been released by Newson Gale.

Located within a robust and easy to install weatherproof powder coated steel housing, the R-Series of reels incorporate a 1/8 in. (3.2 mm) thick galvanized grounding cable that is protected by Newson Gale’s custom formulated Cen-StatTM coating which is a yellow, high-visibility, anti-static coating resistant to normal levels of industrial wear and chemical attack.
Depending on the distance between the mounting position of the reel and the equipment to be grounded, the reels can be supplied with cable lengths of 20 ft., 30 ft. and 50 ft. (6.1 mtr., 9.2 mtr. and 15.2 mtr. respectively).

All R-Series reels incorporate a ratchet locking mechanism that enables the operator to pay out the required length of cable, and then lock it into position prior to applying the clamp to the equipment at risk of accumulating hazardous levels of electrostatic charge.
Retraction of the cable is achieved with an internally mounted coiled flat steel spring that is “back wound” to ensure cable retraction is quick, reliable and repeatable. Back winding is a production technique that enhances spring stiffness resulting in a more durable and reliable level of cable retraction performance.

All R-series reels are fitted with FM & ATEX approved X90 or X45 static grounding clamps that have been subjected to rigorous mechanical and electrical testing ensuring they are suitable for grounding equipment located in potentially combustible atmospheres. The all stainless steel construction of the X90 and X45 enhances their durability in industrial chemical environments and minimises life-cycle purchasing costs in comparison with lower quality static grounding clamps and cable reels.
Newson Gale can also supply reels fitted with 75 ft. (22 mtr.) and 100 ft. (30 mtr.) of single pole cable.

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