Monday 20 August 2012

New automation product suites!

"This release represents the most advanced product suites designed for any manufacturing, building automation, analytics, or plant historian application." This year the focus at Iconics has been on creating products that have a rich set of features and capabilities for the energy and sustainability markets, including expanded scalability and interoperability. These have led to several industry awards and important large projects with end-customer standardisations.

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Included on the product DVDs is the new and improved "Info Center", which contains several new tools that can help in understanding the many new capabilities and features.
Review the latest White Papers and Product Brochures
Review the New Product Briefs for GENESIS64, MobileHMIâ„¢, Energy AnalytiX, Facility AnalytiX and Hyper Historian
Review the over 160 updated application notes
Try out the new GenDemo and explore the many 2D and 3D examples
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Highlights of version 10.7 products include:
GENESIS64 Automation Suite The GENESIS64 Automation Suite is the industry's most advanced Web-enabled 64-bit, HMI/SCADA solution. GENESIS64 was designed for the largest, most demanding SCADA applications yet is simple and cost effective to implement small machine HMI projects.
This new release of GENESIS64 v10.7 has hundreds of improvements in the core HMI/SCADA capabilities with many new innovative and customer requested features. A great effort was made to increase overall engineering productivity with new Commanding, BACnet BTL Certification and instant real time dashboarding technology with PortalWorX. A significant effort was made to make the V10.7 product the most tested and highest quality product ever.
GENESIS64 v10.7 now includes several important new capabilities not found in any other HMI/SCADA and visualization product. GENESIS64 includes the following functions:
  • AssetWorX - An S95 Intelligent Asset Technology. Users can now define any data as properties of assets and apply sophisticated intelligence to assets. Assets can be defined and organized to represent any item of equipment or operation. AssetWorX significantly decreases the engineering time needed to implement any solution and the intuitive S95 Asset Navigator provides simple and rapid navigation to items of interest for even the largest projects with millions of assets.
  • FDDWorX - A Fault Detection and Diagnostics Technology - Built-in advanced algorithms analyze, detect and predict equipment and efficiency faults. When faults do occur, the system provides a list of monetized probable causes with associated probabilities.
  • PortalWorX-SL - A new integrated Dashboard Technology. Users can easily combine and configure HMI graphic displays, trending, alarming, data grids and other Web Parts into a role-based dashboard. Other Web Parts, such as Energy AnalytiX and Facility AnalytiX views, as well as Internet Explorer Web pages, can also be combined into a new frame-based runtime and roles-based portal. Run PortalWorX dashboards in any popular Web browser, including; Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer and many others.
  • Commanding – Application and Custom Commanding. ICONICS strives to make its products easy to use and, in many cases, scripting is not required. Now, with the new command architecture, the need for scripts is greatly reduced. Select from over 100 included standard commands or build your own reusable customer commands. Commanding is now integrated into the core of all ICONICS products, including GENESIS64, AnalytiX and Hyper Historian.
  • BACnet Certification - GENESIS64 and its Platform Services have been certified by the BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL) to the highest level of BACnet compliance, known as the B-AWS profile. The GENESIS64 automation suite is the first 64-bit product to achieve this important product listing and having this certification will ensure interoperability with other BACnet certified hardware and products well into the future.
  • High Availability with Redundancy - GENESIS64 has built-in native redundancy and is the industry's easiest HMI/SCADA software to set up and configure. New capabilities help make monitoring of redundant graphics, alarm and historian application servers simple. Automatic and manual redundancy switchover has been improved and the new redundancy optional feature is ideal for large mission critical applications. Few competitors have native redundancy and usually require hardware or massive scripting.
  • New GenDemo, Symbol Library – GENESIS64 contains a completely updated GenDemo for presentation purposes. Explore the new GenDemo and learn all the new features of the GENESIS64 HMI /SCADA product, as well as other new version 10.7 products. Thousands of new and updated time saving 2D and 3D GraphWorX64 symbols are available for instant use and are part of the 10.7 release. The new symbols have been organized to reduce the time it takes to search and deploy them in applications.

Other Recently Released Products: Energy AnalytiX version 10.7 provides cost, consumption and carbon dashboards, reports and analysis of any industrial or commercial operation. With this release, many new enhancements have extended the initial release with new advanced historian capabilities. The new integrated historian provides high resolution energy data recording and can also support third-party historians so that previous energy recordings can be automatically merged. Other new features include; improved ease of use, security and calculation roll-ups, as well as new energy and carbon expression calculations.
Facility AnalytiX version 10.7 is a predictive Fault Detection and Diagnostics Solution for any commercial and industrial application. The built-in rules-based expression engine helps analyze, detect and predict equipment and efficiency faults. When faults do occur, the system provides a list of monetized probable causes with associated probabilities.
MobileHMI version 10.7 utilizes the rich features of the Windows Phone 7 platform and allows mobile workforces to view real-time visualization and HMI screens, assets and monitor alarms from anywhere and at any time. MobileHMI v10.7 now includes support for Windows Phone 7.5, which includes Multi-Tile and Deep Linking support, which allows users to "pin" any of the MobileHMI applications, such as the AlarmWorX64 and GraphWorX64 screens or the Asset Catalog to the Start Screen for convenient one-touch access. Version 10.7 has numerous performance improvements including dynamic local caching and the ability to run in the background.
PortalWorX-SP version 10.7 extends the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 collaboration dashboard with a family of real-time infrastructure and visualization Web Parts. It contains over 20 Web Parts, which include powerful graphics visualization, trends/charts, grids, security, reporting, asset navigation and many others. PortalWorX v10.7 integrates with the new ICONICS Commanding capabilities, which substantially reduce engineering development. Based on the latest Microsoft Silverlight version 5 technology, roles-based management, engineering and operation dashboards are secure and easy to create and operate.
Hyper Historian version 10.7 is a high-speed, mission critical plant historian. Hyper Historian is designed to log large volumes of data, in excess of 100,000 updates per second, and connects to multiple data sources across the enterprise. Hyper Historian has been improved in the Redundancy and Collector sections by adding OPC HDA Interface support for Redundancy, Performance Calculation Redundancy and Logged File Synchronization. The Collectors now support Datasets as well.

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