Thursday 2 August 2012

Practical thermocouples..

A new edition of Practical Thermocouple Thermometry, Second Edition, by Thomas W. Kerlin and Mitchell Johnson has just hit the shelves.

Practical Thermocouple Thermometry, Second Edition, focuses on practical aspects of how thermocouples work; how they go bad; how to access measurement accuracy; and how to select, install and operate them.

Updates include:
real-world case studies demonstrating solutions of thermocouple problems
• properties and performance of all commonly used thermocouple types
• innovative applications of thermocouples
• expanded information on thermowell selection for required reliability and much more
"The second edition updates the book with increased coverage of topics related  to thermocouple applications. It provides new solved sample problems that  include illustrations of the use of the thermocouple loop analysis method. It  includes new or revised sections to discuss new developments and to expand treatments of important technologies. It includes case studies of real-world problems and their solutions.

"Part of the motivation for preparing this second edition is the apparent lack of  widespread use of thermocouple loop analysis to characterize thermocouple  performance and problems. We contend that this method is an essential tool  for those who are responsible for measuring temperature with thermocouples."

In this edition, Dr. Kerlin, professor emeritus from the College of Engineering at The University of Tennessee, was joined by Mitchell Johnson, president of JMS-Southeast, in preparing this second edition to include the latest in thermocouple technology. They called upon their 60 plus years of collective experience in theory, research, teaching, manufacturing and real-world applications to produce this edition.

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