Thursday 2 August 2012

Fibre optic sensor gains medical approval

FBGS has gained EN60601 medical approval for its fibre optic interrogator FBG-Scan 804D.

According to sales manager (Europe) David Johnson, “we are now authorized to supply a medical declaration of conformity for our instrument in medical applications when used in combination with a medically approved power supply. The instrument achieved the highest performance levels in all tests undertaken and we can also claim the highest immunity level at 10V/m, which is only normally required for life support equipment.

With immediate effect we can market our strain and temperature measurement solutions into the medical industry, where miniature FBG based sensors are used for diagnostics and monitoring. This opens up potential for many innovative applications including a unique fibre optic catheter. This device, used by gastroenterologists use an array of fibre Bragg gratings to measure the complex muscular contractions that transport food through the digestive system”

The FBG-Scan 804D is a dynamic, high precision measurement device for use with Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors. The system can measure up to 4 optical channels with 40 FBG sensors per channel and all sensors can be monitored at a scan rate of 500Hz.

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