Wednesday 8 August 2012

Position sensors offshore!

Measuring tape principle ensures long operating life

Oil Platforms, shipyards, construction and offshore engineering companies all have special requirements for sensors that can meet the tough and harsh environments that they have to work in. Sensor specialists ASM have engineered the WB100M Tape sensor for such applications. It is highly resistant to shock and operational to IP68/69K in sea water.

The POSITAPE® series of sensors exceeds all expectations when used in areas of difficult access and pulley wheels are used to change the direction of the tape route. On conventional wire draw sensors the use of these pulleys can considerably affect the life of the draw wire but with the POSITAPE® range they will have no effect on the life of the sensor.

Developed primarily for Offshore and outdoor applications the WB100M is well suited to wet, harsh applications often found in dock sites such as cranes and ramp positions or even sluice gates found on inland waterway systems.

The fully encapsulated electronics ensure that no moisture can penetrate the critical areas where as water is allowed to freely flow through the mechanical areas with no effect due to the use of materials specifically selected to work well in a salt water environment, resulting in the IP68/69K capabilities.

The WB100M is available in a range of measuring lengths from 2000mm up to 10000mm and a wide range of analogue or digital outputs including CAN-Bus.

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