Wednesday 8 August 2012

Hydrogen monitoring videos

The instrumentation company Quantitech has added a range of new videos to its YouTube channel demonstrating the different applications for its unique hydrogen monitoring technology.

There are five short videos: the first explains the technology behind the H2scan solid-state sensors; the second summarises the product range and the final three explain the application for the technology in 1) a portable instrument for surveying work, 2) an in-line continuous process monitor and 3) an area monitor for health and safety applications.

Managing Director Keith Golding says “The main advantage of this technology is the ability to detect hydrogen against virtually any background gases without false readings or expensive support equipment, across a wide range of concentrations and temperatures with almost no cross-sensitivity to other substances."

Quantitech first introduced the H2scan hydrogen specific monitoring technology to the UK market almost 5 years ago and Golding says that in that time, the technology has found application in health and safety, and process control applications including syngas production, hydrocarbon processing, lead acid battery monitoring, chlorine manufacture, nuclear power/waste, chrome plating, research, semiconductor and electronics manufacture, abatement exhausts, transformer oil, fuel cell technologies and hydrogen production.

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