Wednesday 1 August 2012

Mission critical control systems

The PACSystems® RX3i Power Sync and Measurement module from GE Intelligent Platforms is designed for use in facilities such as data centers, banks, hospitals and e-commerce businesses, it is an advanced power management solution that integrates power grid synchronisation and measurement directly into mission critical control systems, enhancing the ability to maintain continuous operations.

As a multifunction RX3i module, the Power Sync and Measurement module consolidates in one module all of the advanced power management functionality needed to ensure continuous uptime and power quality, including power phase detection, integrated ANSI protection algorithms and integrated power calculations. The module maximizes asset performance through automated grid synchronisation to a backup power source, and ensures reliability with available simulation of grid and equipment outage scenarios.

The addition of the RX3i Power Sync and Measurement module to GE’s portfolio of PACSystems control components provides additional flexibility to OEMs designing backup power systems for paralleling switchgear and generator sets. This system design flexibility provides advanced power management functionality including power grid synchronization, integrated ANSI and power calculations, and waveform capture, in a common architecture for high reliability and low total cost of ownership as well as a single point of configuration for easy deployment.

“In a digitised economy, reliable backup power delivery and critical cooling systems are the backbone of many enterprises,” said Mark Reitzel, Mission Critical Segment Leader, GE Intelligent Platforms. “Mission-critical facilities with multiple onsite backup power sources require advanced power management to effectively manage these electrical power systems. GE Intelligent Platforms is a leader in supplying highly reliable and innovative high availability control solutions that help customers achieve new levels of performance. GE's solutions - including patented technologies such as Quad PAC that are built on 20+ years of expertise in the mission-critical backup power and critical cooling space - offer the ideal combination of reliability, scalability, performance and flexibility.”

Measurement of power factor and reactive power metrics by the PACSystems RX3i Power Sync and Measurement module provides the ability to collect and analyze power consumption of the elec­trical power systems over time. This critically important data can be used to avoid peak demand charges and to shed loads during peak operating periods to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

System configuration validation and power quality monitoring is easier and faster with the module’s waveform capture function and real-time outage simulation for system reliability tests. The module’s built-in detailed fault condition view, harmonic power analysis, and capture of transient voltages and currents eliminates the need for external measurement devices enabling flexibility in system design and lower total cost of ownership.

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