Tuesday 14 August 2012

Low running costs for TOC

Improvements in combustion technology have further reduced day-to-day running costs for the multi N/C® TOC analyzer from Analytik Jena. This high performance analytical instrument combines low-maintenance technologies for sample digestion with an environment-friendly low consumption of consumables such as gas and power, as well as robust engineering and a long service life.

A re-designed, smaller combustion tube results in reduced consumption of the catalyst filling, leading to exceptionally long combustion tube lifetimes. High combustion temperatures up to 950°C provide quick and reliable digestion of even the most stable compounds and for the most challenging applications.

With the patented VITA® flow control system both automatically controlling gas consumption and providing long-term instrument calibration, ongoing maintenance requirements costs are minimised, meaning more time can be spent on carrying out analyses. The corrosion-proof Focus Radiation NDIR detector not only ensures reliable results and but also provides high stability throughout the lifetime of the instrument.

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