Tuesday 14 August 2012

Power Monitor with Ethernet and RCM - "Awesome!"

Janitza is expanding its measurement device range UMG 96 rapidly and "proves once again its innovative strength" when dealing with the issue of energy management and energy measurement technology.

David Gilligan, their Director in Ireland & Britain is enthusiastic! "Product has been released, mass production is running, delivery time is app. 3 weeks as initial demand is high, but delivery time will decrease after about 1 month." 
He has a one word description on market response "Awesome!"
Thanks to their new universal measuring device, the UMG 96RM-E, there is an power analyser on the market for the first time which offers 6 current inputs (4 inputs at 1 A or 5 A and 2 analogue inputs 0 to 30 mA), where the two analogue inputs can be used for differential current measurement. Simple detection of the differential current and the current on the CGP (central grounding point) is guaranteed with this. As an alternative, the analogue inputs can be used for temperature measurement, for example.

By continuously monitoring differential currents (residual current monitor, RCM), of an electrical system a digital output can be set if a threshold value is exceeded. The system operator can therefore react promptly before a protective device operates. This is especially important in systems where it is important to guarantee high availability, in data centres for example.

The UMG 96RM-E is designed to measure and calculate electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power, 1 to 40th harmonics of power and voltage, distortion factors (THD) of power and voltage and so on. Records of load profiles for energy management systems (e.g. in accordance with ISO 50001) as well as measurement of power consumption for cost centre analyses are an integral part. The continuous sampling at 21.33 kHz (50 Hz) or 25.6 kHz (60 Hz) provides the measurements at high resolution levels and also offers an effective tool for troubleshooting and for monitoring power quality in the energy management area. Reliable and quick data transfer and an easy integration into the network is achieved thanks to the Ethernet connection as well as communication via Modbus/RS485. The UMG 96RM-E can be programmed in several ways. The options here are the programming and analysis software, GridVis, the device's own home page or the Modbus protocol. Measurement data are available to be called up via various channels. The large 256 MB of memory stores the data reliably over a long period of time.

The power analyser UMG 96RM-E was designed for use in the areas of building installations, main and sub distribution boards (MDB), data centres, machine level as well as electrical bus distribution systems. It proves to be extremely capable in these areas.

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