Wednesday 15 August 2012

Solving the automation puzzle!

FDT — Solving the Automation Productivity Puzzle, a user-oriented, vendor-neutral workshop will illustrate how FDT Technology can help effectively put the pieces of the automation productivity puzzle together, based on assets, demands, staffing and technology. 

It will indicate how to reap the benefits, capabilities and value of using the information already available in intelligent measurement and control devices. Real-life application stories will reinforce the “value” discussion highlighting how FDT was a key solution to solving their automation productivity puzzle. A technology demonstration will focus on operation and maintenance benefits including: showcasing how configuration of a device is made easy, illustrating how advanced diagnostics enhances predictive maintenance and troubleshooting — while at the same time increasing productivity, impacting the bottom line, and making life of a plant engineer a little easier.

In addition to the presentations and technology demonstrations, attendees will have the ability to touch the technology first-hand with mini “How To” focused workshops

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