Thursday 30 August 2012

Air-to-air heat exchangers

Air-to-air heat exchangers provide a simple, stand-alone, low maintenance and energy efficient means of cooling electrical enclosures. The effectiveness of this type of cooling product is fundamentally dependent upon the ambient air temperature and the required internal air temperature; not only must the former be lower than the latter but the available cooling output varies with the difference between them.

Rittal’s Air-to-air heat exchangers have only two moving parts, an internal fan and an external fan, which draw air through separate circuits of a heat exchanger, ensuring that the ambient air, which may be aggressive, or any debris or contaminants present in it, are not permitted ingress into the enclosure. Fans fitted in the Rittal air-to-air heat exchanger are maintenance-free.
Maintenance is limited to cleaning between the lamellae of the aluminium heat exchanger, which may be re-moved both quickly and easily. Debris and coarse dust particles or oil vapour may be removed from the ambient air prior to the heat exchanger using either a polyure-thane (PU) foam filter mat or a metallic filter mat respectively.

Since Rittal’s air-to-air heat exchangers require only an electrical supply and energy consumption is limited to that of two fans, the energy efficiency of this cooling solution is greater than that of alternatives that utilise refrigerant.

Rittal’s air-to-air heat exchangers are available as either roof-mounted or wall-mounted variants and for internal or external use. There is a product suitable for most applications should the ambient air temperature and the required internal air temperature permit.

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