Monday 13 August 2012

Greenhouse climate!

CO2 monitors used in leading greenhouse climate control system

With accurate and reliable carbon dioxide monitoring being such an important part of horticultural climate control, Edinburgh Sensors's Guardian Plus range of carbon dioxide monitors has been integrated into Priva’s greenhouse climate management system. Priva is a world leader in the development and supply of sustainable technologies for the control of indoor environments for horticulture and buildings. The monitors provide continuous sampling, measurement and display of CO2 concentration over the range 0-0.3% by volume.

The Guardian Plus forms part of Priva’s climate sensing capabilities, specially developed for the horticulture sector and which also include temperature and relative humidity measurement. Carbon dioxide is measured using the well-established infrared absorption method, and the Guardian Plus features proprietary dual wavelength non-dispersive infrared sensor technology with built-in temperature correction. This ensures reliable and accurate carbon dioxide measurement together with long term stability.

The unit’s integral pumping system allows the greenhouse atmosphere to be continuously sampled from multiple locations up to 30 metres from the monitor. CO2 data can be seamlessly integrated into a process computer such as the Priva Connext for intelligent process control.

The Guardian Series of CO2 monitors have been used extensively in both commercial and research horticulture applications. They feature a built in display and user-adjustable set points with audible and visible alarms complemented by volt-free relay contacts, as well as a variety of user-selectable signal outputs for connection to external indication, control or data logging devices. With a choice of measurement ranges, the units are equally at home as stand-alone monitors or integrated into a sophisticated climate control system such as that offered by Priva.

With Priva headquartered in The Netherlands, the Guardian Plus units are supplied via Edinburgh Sensors’ local distributor Carltech BV. Edinburgh Sensors’ Sales Manager, Julie McCormick, said: “Carltech BV specialise in instruments for gas analyses and in sample conditioning systems and we are delighted that they have secured this major order. They are an important part of our expert network of distributors who generate sales for our products around the world”.

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