Friday 31 August 2012

ASIC supply chain provider

DELTA Microelectronics has been selected by Rohde & Schwarz as its ASIC supply chain provider. Rohde & Schwarz benefits from DELTA’s package development, testing, tapeout and full turnkey services.

The two companies have been cooperating for over two years, with DELTA tailoring its ASIC offering and processes to match Rohde & Schwarz requirements. “This is a great example of the flexibility of DELTA’s turnkey services,” said Sharon Akler, Sales Manager at DELTA. “Companies like Rohde & Schwarz, whose ASIC Design Team wants to remain focused on their core competencies, can rely on DELTA to manage the entire ASIC supply chain with the best quality and efficiency available.”

“Quality was the main consideration for us when we looked for a turnkey ASIC supply chain partner” said Gerhard Kahmen, head of R&D Mixed-Signal IC at Rohde & Schwarz. "DELTA impressed us with both its comprehensive test offering and its thorough processes for managing the entire ASIC supply chain.”

DELTA’s supply chain service adapts to each customer’s unique needs and volumes, and consists of wafer procurement and probing, packaging, component testing, storage and distribution of ICs. DELTA operates one of the largest commercial microelectronics testing facilities in Europe, and its supply chain management consists of quality control measures to guarantee the most predictable, low risk path to market-ready silicon.

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