Monday 20 August 2012

Packaging conveyance without any gaps

Output increase and cost reduction in the packaging industry

With SCATEC-2 Box Baumer is offering a new version of the world's most successful copy counter SCATEC specifically for the packaging industry. With this new model, efficiency during packaging conveyance is noticeably increased.
SCATEC-2 Box from Baumer detects individual packaging even during gapless product conveyance.
In conventional solutions, sufficient gaps between the individual packages are required in order to perform detection. When the packaging is changed, e.g. from a white to a colorful design, readjustment of the sensor may also be necessary. When SCATEC-2 Box is used, this additional work is no longer necessary. SCATEC functions precisely during gapless and even irregular packaging transport. It reliably detects all types of packaging, regardless of the product color or surface. These properties enable the customer to accelerate the process and increase output, saving time and costs as a result. Extremely high speeds do not pose any problems for SCATEC-2 Box either thanks to its very fast response time of less than 400 µs. It can be used, for example, to trigger a code reading or identification system.

The benefits of SCATEC are rounded off by easy plug & play installation and a unique support option using ScaDiag diagnosis software from Baumer. In case of unexpected behavior during the production process, it is possible to record data during production with ScaDiag. This data is then forwarded to Baumer's technical support, where it can be used to quickly and reliably address the customer's problem without interrupting the process.

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