Tuesday 21 August 2012

Industrial Ethernet Switch

Modular switch delivers performance and flexibility for manufacturing and industrial environments

Red Lion Controls recently announced its new N-Tron 7900 fully managed industrial Ethernet switch. Designed for use in manufacturing and industrial environments, the 7900 is a four-slot modular switch that provides flexibility, performance and monitoring, as well as specialised features to enhance communications.

Supporting up to 24 10/100 plus two additional Gigabit Ethernet ports, the 7900 switch delivers a wide
variety of flexible fiber/copper port options through its modular platform. Easy-to-use configuration and
monitoring tools – including a Command Line Interface, web browser or N-Tron’s N-View OPC software – enable customers to seamlessly manage network switches. The 7900 also includes VLAN, QoS, trunking (link aggregation), port mirroring and automatic IGMP configuration to optimise network performance.

In addition to UL approval for use in Class I, Div. 2 hazardous locations, the following 7900 features meet the specialized needs of manufacturing and industrial environments:
• EtherNet/IP™ CIP messaging – allows the 7900 switch to communicate configuration and
monitoring data to HMI displays on the factory floor
• N-Ring and N-Link –provides a redundant path allowing dynamic failover to ensure maximum
uptime between one or more rings
• Port security – allows users to enter MAC addresses that can access the switch, limiting access
to provide greater security
• Integrated DHCP server – automatically assigns IP addresses, eliminating the need for a separate
DHCP server to reduce complexity and cost
• Configuration backup – allows switch configurations to be backed up using an optional SD card,
providing faster recovery and easier configuration of additional switches
• Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) – enables easy communication and discovery between
devices from different vendors in the same network

“Our 7900 industrial Ethernet switch is built to withstand harsh conditions while also meeting the needs of manufacturing applications,” said Diane Davis, product manager of connectivity solutions for Red Lion Controls. “The combination of a modular DIN-rail form factor with flexible fiber/copper port
configuration options and monitoring tools make the 7900 ideal for customers looking to enhance
communications on both factory floors and in extreme industrial environments."

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