Friday 17 August 2012

Oxygen analysers for use in North American hazardous areas

Michell Instruments has attained CCSAUS certification for its XTP601 Oxygen Analyser, making it approved for use in hazardous areas in the US and Canada. The instrument already carries certification from ATEX and IEC Ex, and the addition of CCSAUS broadens its global coverage.

The XTP601 uses thermo-paramagnetic measurement technology to make accurate and stable measurements of oxygen in background gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. It is capable of measuring oxygen ranges from 0-1% up to 0-25%. Typical hazardous applications include monitoring of inerting or blanketing gases in refining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The analyser, which is housed in a tough flame-proof and explosion-proof housing, is available in three versions: a blind transmitter; a unit with status LEDS or a full-display unit. This last version has a touch-screen interface which allows through-the-glass interaction that eliminates the need to remove the analyzer lid (except for service).

All versions are supplied with two 4-20mA outputs, two concentration alarms Modbus RTU over RS485 protocol and application software as standard.

• Michell is represented in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

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