Saturday 4 August 2012

Webinar discusses how to leverage big data for a competitive advantage

GE takes on Industrial Big Data challenges

GE's Virtual Briefing Center
GE Intelligent Platforms has announced the availability of The Rise of Industrial Big Data,” the company’s latest webinar. GE shares insights into how industrial businesses can maximise the full potential value of their process data and use that insight to drive real-time improvements. The participants discuss advanced software technology that offers an effective, simple, and easy way for companies to efficiently leverage Industrial Big Data for optimised decision support.

“Massive amounts of operational data are coming online with the increasing set of advanced devices and equipment, a movement often referred to as the Industrial Internet,” said Brian Courtney, General Manager Operations Data Management, GE Intelligent Platforms and a webinar featured speaker. “We discuss how industrial businesses can leverage Big Data to create a competitive advantage.”

Discussion topics include:
The challenges of harnessing industrial big data.
What critical information can be obtained by managing big data.
How advanced historians provide critical insights for faster operational decisions and continuous innovation.

Additional speakers include Justin Eggart, GE Energy Executive Engineering; and Kareem Aggour, GE Global Research Senior Computer Scientist.

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