Friday 18 February 2011

Next generation remote management data center!

Intellicom, part of the HMS Networks group, is proud to announce the next generation of Netbiter® Argos 3.0 datacenter and server. It includes new important and very useful features that improve the Netbiter Argos experience.

The user interface of Netbiter Argos will be expanded to support a Graphical dashboard user interface for the Netbiter EasyConnect products. This powerful function enables users to create a graphical layout describing a remote system. The dashboard includes functions for loading pictures into the layout, analog and digital graphical components (such as gauges, meters, indicators, etc.), which makes it possible to describe a remote system with a visual layout that is easy to understand.

The Netbiter Argos navigation menu has been improved and is now more logical and easy to use. It has also been updated with lots of online help that guides the user.

“The new Netbiter Argos datacenter provides new opportunities for anyone who wants to be in control of their remote sites in an easy way. The graphical dashboard editor is a major step forward to visualize the remote site with a simple drag and drop method”,
says Henrik Ebeklint, Managing Director Intellicom Innovation AB.

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