Tuesday 15 February 2011

Moisture analysers upgraded

Michell retrofits older AlOx moisture analyzers with a new multi-channel moisture analyzer
Aluminium Oxide and Ceramic moisture transmitter-based analyzers are the most widespread process moisture measurement systems used in thousands of installations world-wide. They are robust, simple to operate and maintain, offering excellent calibration traceability at lowest cost per channel.

To meet the market demand for technology improvement, Michell Instruments launched a new Promet I.S. process moisture analyzer that can be retrofitted in almost all existing AlOx or Ceramic transmitter based trace moisture or dew point measuring analyzer systems. The Michell intrinsically safe ceramic moisture sensors – which form the basis of the Promet I.S analyzer – may be installed within the hazardous area directly into an existing sampling system with minimal wiring.

The Promet I.S. multi-channel format enables the control of up to four pressure compensated moisture measurement channels within a single 19” sub-rack unit, to measure dew points as low as -100°C. Measurements of moisture in process gases and liquids can be easily combined in a single analyzer system as the Promet I.S channels for moisture in gas can be combined together with a sister product for moisture in liquid measurement – the Liquidew I.S.

Each channel functions independently of the others so that maintenance can be carried out on one channel while the others continue to operate as normal: ideal in situations where redundancy is required for safety reasons.

The multi-channel format not only keeps the cost per channel to a minimum, but is also very simple to operate, with bright alphanumeric LED displays as well as temperature and pressure compensation. Unit conversions from dew point to an exhaustively wide range of alternative moisture content units allow the user complete flexibility to select their preferred unit of measurement. The front panel interface enables the user to scroll through the set up menus to easily configure the analyzer to their own requirements. Four user-adjustable alarm points and two analogue 4-20 mA outputs are provided as well as a digital RS485 RTU for connection to external devices.

The Promet I.S can measure dew points as low as -100°C, and is calibrated and traceable to NPL and NIST.

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