Thursday 10 February 2011

Discounted T&M instruments for Europe

Special price offer for World class test and measurement equipment from Keithley Instruments
Keithley Instruments is offering 20% off list price on a range of broad-purpose Test & Measurement instruments to its European customers. The offer is available for a limited period of time, starting with immediate effect and ending on April 30, 2011.

The offer includes the following products:

*    An arbitrary waveform/function generator with extraordinary price-performance ratio
*    General-purpose five-in-one sourcing & measurement instruments
*    A range of 6½ - 8½-digit USB/IEEE-488/Ethernet DMMs, some with switching capabilities
*    An IEEE-488 USB-to-GPIB interface card

Here are the details on these products, discounted pricing and quotation.

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