Wednesday 16 February 2011

T&M tutorials on video!

Click to see videos!
Keithley Instruments has produced a series of four new tutorial videos on topics related to configuring and operating one of its most sensitive measurement instruments. The videos, which range from one to four minutes in length, focus on the Model 6517B Electrometer /High Resistance System and can be downloaded and viewed on their YouTube site.

The titles of the new videos are:

  • How to Enable Humidity and Temperature Measurements.

  • How to Set Up the Model 6517B Electrometer for a Staircase Voltage Sweep

  • How to Make a Proper Low Current Measurement

  • How to Enable the Meter Connect Feature on the Model 6517B Electrometer

  • The 5-1/2-digit Model 6517B Electrometer/High Resistance Meter offers accuracy and sensitivity specifications unmatched by any other meter of this type. It also offers a variety of features that simplifies measuring high resistances and the resistivity of insulating materials. With reading rates of up to 425 readings/second, the Model 6517B is also significantly faster than competitive electrometers, so it offers a quick, easy way to measure low-level currents. It is well-suited for making accurate low current and high impedance voltage, resistance, and charge measurements in areas of research such as physics, optics, nanotechnology, and materials science. A built-in ±1kV voltage source with sweep capability simplifies performing leakage, breakdown, and resistance testing, as well as volume and surface resistivity measurements on insulating materials.

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