Monday 28 February 2011

Safety of insulated supplies!

PMD s20 has now been added to the portfolio of electronic monitoring relays in the PMDsigma series from Pilz. With it, it is simply turn and click to set all the values, which can then be stored on a chip card. This gives users the flexibility to transfer data for other devices.

PMD s20 monitors the electrical safety of insulated supplies – for operating theatres, offshore installations or the electroplating industry for example – and prevents power failures due to short circuits.

Insulation monitors PMD s20 monitor the insulation resistance of unearthed AC/DC systems, simply and reliably. De-energised systems can also be monitored thanks to a separate supply voltage.
Normally energised and normally de-energised mode can be freely selected via two relay and analogue inputs.

The device is quick to assemble via spring clips, so there is no need for tools. All values are set simply and securely via a rotary encoder with key function. Set-up and commissioning times are reduced as a result.

Support for parameter setting is menu-driven on a plain text display, which also provides user-friendly diagnostics. All values can be set, displayed and called up via the display. An up-to-date measurement of the insulation resistance can also be shown permanently on the display. Once the values have been created, they can be stored on a chip card. This saves time and effort during commissioning and when exchanging units.

All setting elements are covered to protect them from unauthorised access, thereby offering increased protection against manipulation.

Insulation monitors PMD s20 have a universal power supply and are therefore suitable for universal use.

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