Wednesday 23 February 2011

Engineering solutions for the Russian power industry

Delivering Smart-Grid solutions to create a comprehensive real time operations management environment

Invensys PLC met with the members of the Federation Council in Moscow to discuss about the Russian fuel and energy industry. 

During the presentation, at the Council Ulf Henriksson, CEO of Invensys PLC communicated the company’s vision for the future development of the Russian power industry.

The lack of energy regulation in Russia and the government’s directives to achieve energy efficiency and energy conservation are among the five strategic priorities for Russia’s technological development. Invensys PLC can help by combining its leading innovative technologies, global reach and practical engineering experience to help successfully manage Russia’s energy focus. Through its smart grid solutions, Invensys PLC can provide real-time communications between all sectors, particularly in Power Generation, Industrial Power and Commercial consumption.

Much needs to be done to consolidate the Russian Power industry, and Invensys PLC has already taken first steps to endure this: in addition to the meeting at the Federation Council, Invensys PLC earned support of the Non-commercial Partnership Innovations in Power Industry (NP INVEL). The Partnership with Invel unites leading companies in the power sector. Its main goal is to assist in the introduction of advanced technologies and engineering solutions at power enterprises in Russia and abroad.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Henriksson said, "Our partnership with Invel unites two leading companies in the power sector. This allows the combination of Invensys technology with the capabilities of Invel to provide additional value to our customers".

In turn NP Invel considers the partnership with Invensys PLC as an opportunity to raise the level of Russian power industry engineering support. “Invel acts in the interests of the Partnership members and the industry as a whole. We are ready to provide informational, organisational and other necessary support to all companies that enter the Russian market to contribute advanced technologies and increase the availability of modern equipment. Request for innovations, for future technologies is impossible without familiarity with the opportunities that exist today”- said Mr. Edward Naumov, General Director for Invel.

Despite its huge potential Russia today lags behind many developed and developing countries in power asset management organisation. Delivering solutions to more than 180 countries, Invensys has acquired an excellent track record in the power industry across the world.  Implementation of their solutions can be a significant step to increase reliability and safety of the power system, and necessary for the migration of the power industry built on Smart Grid principle.

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