Saturday 5 February 2011

Two-wire GWR

Released in 1998, The Magnetrol International NV Eclipse® Model 705 was the first two wire guided wave radar (GWR) on the market. Thirteen years later, this high quality GWR device is still fluently finding its way to highly critical applications.

The Eclipse® 705 is type approved for steam drums, EN 12952-11 (water tube boilers) and EN 12953-9 (shell type boilers) as “primary safety” and “secondary safety”. Combined with a 7MS probe the device can be used in saturated steam applications at a pressure of 155 bar at an equivalent temperature of 345°C.

Additional diagnostic tools allow the user to integrate this transmitter into highly demanding safety instrument loops. With a Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) of 91% the device scores amongst the highest – if not the highest – safety levels.

It is possible to install two or even three Eclipse® devices on one external cage for specific applications. Even when installing only two devices in one cage a SIL3 safety level can be obtained. Adding a third device to the same cage assures continuity to the production process. The three obtained individual level signals increase the overall reliability.

A typical example for such an extreme safety application can be found in the power generation sector where accurate monitoring of water levels in steam drum and boilers is a must. It is a challenge maintaining constant liquid level in the upper part of the drum in order to provide the proper quality of steam. Instrumentation must withstand high temperatures and pressures.

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