Monday 14 February 2011

360 PIR detector

Carlo Gavazzi has added a new PIR with a full 360 degrees of cover to its smart-house range of building automation products. Just like other smart-house products the new device is powered by the smart-house 2 wire bus and is very easy to configure and commission.

Major features of BSQ-PIR360 detector:
* Powered via network connection
* 90mm-diameter ceiling mount
* IP20 ingress protection
* Operating temperature: -5°C to +50°C
* Meets EU EMC directive 89/336/EEC
* Meets EU low-voltage directive 73/237/EEC
The BSQ-PIR360 ceiling mounted detector has a 360 degree detection angle for room occupancy sensing ensuring reliable detection every time. Four sensitivity settings, chosen by setting DIP switches, allow the detection range to be set between 2.5 metres and 4 metres with a foot print of 7 metres and 12 metre respectively.  This flexibility enables use in many commercial and residential applications for the control of lighting, heating, air conditioning and extractor fans.

The smart-house home automation range enables the control of heating, lighting and appliances to be managed automatically to increase energy efficiency, reduce utility costs, and enhance comfort and convenience. A variety of sensors and actuators such as dimmer switches and relays are available in a number of styles, and all are connected using just two wires running throughout the property and back to the central controller. This low-voltage control wiring is inherently safe, easy to install, and allows new features to be added in the future. Outdoor equipment such as garden lighting can also be connected, for centralised control of entire premises.

Carlo Gavazzi supports its extensive smart-house range with resources including installation guidance, and training courses providing hands on experience for electrical installers.

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