Friday 25 February 2011

Higher voltage power-supply units have full remote interfaces

The new PLH-P series from Aim-TTi are higher voltage linear regulated laboratory power supplies fitted with a wide range of remote control interfaces.

Available as 0 to 120 V or 0 to 250 V models, the PLH-P series provide more than 90 W of power from a highly compact quarter-rack form factor.

Fully opto-isolated analogue remote control is incorporated using a scale factor of either 0 to 5 V or 0 to 10 V.  Digital remote control is provided by USB, RS-232 and LAN interfaces with GPIB available as an option. The LAN interface is LXI compliant.

The PLH-P series uses special safety binding post terminals, designed by TTi. These are touch-proof to over 250 V and can be used with fixed shroud 4 mm plugs for laboratories that make their use mandatory. However, they can also accept standard 4 mm plugs, spade connectors or bare wires for general-purpose use. Power and sense terminals are duplicated on the rear panel for rack-mounted applications.

The command set is compatible with other TTi power supplies including the QL, PL, QPX and CPX. An IVI driver provides support for common high-level applications such as National Instruments LabView or LabWindows, and HP/Agilent VEE.

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