Thursday 10 February 2011

Innovative brake system increases safety of vertical axes

Due to their adapted flange dimensions,
ROBA®-topstop brakes can be integrated
problem-free in pre-existing
constructions between the
servomotor and the counter-flange.
If there is a danger of falling loads on vertical axes in areas where personnel have to work, additional measures must be taken to minimise the risk of accidents. The Mauerstetten brake specialist mayr® power transmission has developed brake systems which are capable of providing safety in any critical situation occurring during vertical axes operation.

Vertically-moved masses, in particular when they are heavy parts such as motors or gear boxes, become a serious safety hazard if, on power failure, their movement is inadvertently accelerated or if they drop uncontrollably.

mayr® power transmission offers the ROBA®-topstop, a modular construction brake Type series with individual brakes and redundant dual-circuit brake modules for the prevention of any critical danger situations which can occur during vertical axes operation and which are defined in the DIN EN 954-1, Categories 1-3.

The aspect of safety was not the only target criterion during development of the ROBA®-topstop. The constructional conditions for drive elements in vertical axes were also considered carefully. Due to their adapted flange dimensions, ROBA®-topstop brakes can be integrated problem-free into pre-existing constructions between the servomotor and the counter flange. The modular assembly is flexible enough to allow many different designs, for example with a shaft; with a hollow shaft; with a flexible coupling; with an additional safety clutch for torque limiting or with two individual brakes.

Using a ROBA®-topstop brake system with a hollow shaft and an integrated, insertable shaft coupling means that the separate compensation coupling and the coupling housing usually necessary are no longer needed. A drive line with this brake system is only minimally longer than the usual axis with servomotor and shaft coupling for connection to a spindle or to a gearbox shaft. ROBA®-topstop designs with shafts are principally conceived for installation between the servomotor and the hollow shaft gearbox.

As an independent module, the ROBA®-topstop is capable of holding the vertical axis in any required position. Additional measures for axis support - for example during transport and machine maintenance – are unnecessary.

This advantage means considerable savings in terms of cost and time; for example when replacing the drive motor, and reduces the downtimes during repairs. In addition to this, the device can guarantee the „safe brake“ function, if the units are equipped with the correct functional and wear monitoring systems.

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